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Aquatic Tree Works | 423-883-3726

Full Service Professional Tree Removal and Land Clearing

Locally owned family business. We've been doing this for over 20 years. And doing it well.

We serve Bradley County, TN region including Polk and Hamilton counties, as well as North Georgia area.

We love what we do. We're licensed and insured. And, we like people. Discounts are common for seniors, military, and nice folks.

So, what do we offer?

Our Tree Service

We specialize in removing dangerous and unwanted trees. Our team is equiped with all the heavy machines needed to get the job done, including a Bobcat skid steer, bucket truck, dozer, backhoe, tractor, and we do crane work.

We have the desire, knowledge, and equipment to provide the best possible job at a price you are happy with.

We are also all about treecycling.

What does that mean? Rather than the common practice of hauling your trees to the landfill, we bring your trees home and try to use them. This saves customers money by giving a discount for the trees and is environmentally friendly by crafting otherwise useless trees into quality products.

Products made from unwanted trees we have cleared include:

Lumber, slabs, timbers

Outbuildings, barns, docks, pergolas

Tiny houses and Outbuildings

Outdoor furniture

High quality heirloom furniture


Land Clearing

We provide service to property owners and land developers alike. One of our specialties is turning your backyard and property into areas that you can access, use, and enjoy.

  • Removal of underbrush in wooded areas to promote a healthy wood lot.
  • Clearing overgrown fields.
  • Food Plot planning and development.
  • Backyard getaway design and development.
  • Fire pits, pergolas, tree houses, outbuildings, docks.
  • Driveway clearing.

Scrap Removal

Using our heavy equipment and various trucks, we are able to remove steel scrap from your property. (cash paid)

Food Plot Development & Landscaping

We can help plan for lanscape improvements to prevent unwanted runoff and erosion, such as hillsides that wash away into a driveway.  We can also help clear and plan food plots, including locating the best placement.


Free Estimates,   Fair Pricing, &  High Quality Work

Call us at 423-883-3726 to get a free estimate of your tree removal and land clearing needs.  No job is too big or too small.

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